We choose to work with organizations who will help us develop our expertise.

United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

We joined the UNGC in 2010, became a UN LEAD member in 2011 and joined the LEAD advisory board in 2012. As a UN LEAD company we share best practice and contribute to local working groups.

Caring for Climate

Caring for Climate offers us a platform to further our commitment to climate change initiatives. We are a sponsor of the Climate and Energy Action Hub and hope that this will lead to collaborative projects in the field of energy efficiency.


We have taken part in CDP's 2012 climate change program to manage and reduce impacts on the climate.

Business Disability Forum

Our membership of the Business Disability Forum is part of our commitment to provide equal opportunities to all.


We use the LBG assessment model to measure the impact and value of our community investments. Our first full submission will be for 2012.


Arm is working with ITU-D on projects relating to appropriate technology for emerging economies.


We partner with organizations where our combined expertise can have lasting impact. An overview of our latest collaborations can be found below.

Raspberry Pi Foundation

The Raspberry Pi Foundation promotes the study of computer science. We are working with their schools initiatives, developing joint projects to progress coding in schools as well as computing in developing countries.

Code Club

Code Club aims to create coding clubs in 25% of schools across the UK by the end of 2015. We have committed to helping them achieve this goal through financial and mentoring support. We are championing the concept to government, schools and across the UK technology sector. Arm employees are supporting 12 Code Clubs so far.

Literacy Bridge

Literacy Bridge wants to reduce illiteracy and improve the lives of impoverished people. With the help of the University of Michigan, they are developing technology using Arm designs for a device called Talking Book. Our partnership comprises financial, in-kind and partner ecosystem support. Our goal is to help 100,000 subsistence farmers by 2016.

Future Business Centre

We invested £2.5m in a charitable bond for this social business and clean tech incubator and placed a member of staff on its advisory board. Learn more about Future Business Centre.

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

We collaborate with ACEEE on energy efficiency related research, most recently their Intelligent Efficiency report and currently on research into the energy saving potential of smart appliances.


We are working with Inveneo to understand how technology might be designed more appropriately for people in developing countries.

Villiers Park Educational Trust

Villiers Park Educational Trust supports talents young adults in the final years of school, preparing them for university. We support female scholars through this social mobility program and sponsor a Computer Science residential course.

Arkwright Scholarships Trust

Arkwright awards scholarships to students of the highest calibre who intend to study engineering at university level. We currently sponsor three Arkwright scholars.