A Pattern of Preemptive Disruption

You can tell a lot about a company by the people who lead it — their skills, their stories and their standards. Our business is foundational technology. These leaders are the foundation we build on.

[Living Wage Employer] is a good example of how we are moving to integrate social and environmental considerations into our evaluation of suppliers and serves to communicate the message and influence practice.
Julie Robinson, Procurement Director at Arm

Next Steps

As we grow, we continue to be vigilant and actively consider steps that we can take to mitigate risks in all compliance areas, including eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking.

We have taken steps to improve our understanding of supplier performance in human rights assessment. We have plans to improve data collection and reporting to monitor supplier performance in this area and related aspects.

For instance, as a Living Wage Employer, we will be adding to our Supplier Code of Conduct the expectation that suppliers meet national level salary standards as a minimum and best practice standard as a preference.  For the UK specifically, we are considering adding a question into our terms and conditions about compliance with the Living Wage.

We are also currently looking to align our processes to ISO 20400, the new (voluntary) standard for Sustainable Procurement which includes metrics such as Transparency, Ethical Behaviour, Respect for the rule of law and international norms of behaviour and Respect for Human Rights.

The Arm Board of Directors approved this statement on 29 January 2018.

Please direct any questions on this statement to Caroline Herzog, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at legalethics@arm.com

arm - leadership - simon segars
Technology will enhance human capability as a force for incredible good.

Simon Segars

Chief Executive Officer 

Since joining Arm as one of its first employees, Simon has driven technical and business innovations to help transform the company into the leading architect of the most pervasive compute technology the world has ever seen.

Simon led the development of early ground-breaking Arm processors – the Arm7 and Arm9 – powering the world’s first digital mobile phones. He played a key role in developing industry standards, and his engineering work led to him being granted several embedded-systems patents. He became vice president of engineering in 2001, and before being named as Arm CEO in July 2013, he held several other strategy positions including global head of sales. He was personally responsible for expanding the company’s U.S. business and strengthening its leadership and relationships in California’s Silicon Valley, where he still lives with his family.

Simon helped steer the company through the 2016 acquisition by SoftBank, and, in June 2017, was elected to serve on the SoftBank board. He also sits on the boards of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), the Electronic Design Automation Consortium (EDAC), Techworks and is a non-executive director at Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

Simon earned his BEng in electronic engineering from the University of Sussex and an MSc in computer science from the University of Manchester.

arm - leadership - renee haas
Wherever computing happens… Arm will be there.

Rene Haas

EVP and President, IP Products Group (IPG)

Rene Haas is the president of Arm’s IP Products Group (IPG) and a member of the Arm Executive Committee. Rene took over management of IPG in January 2017 and is responsible for all IPG activities including product development, engineering, sales, marketing, and commercial operations.

Rene was previously Arm’s chief commercial officer in charge of global sales and marketing, a position he held since October 2015. Prior to that he served as the vice president of strategic alliances.

Before joining Arm, Rene held several applications management, applications engineering and product engineering roles, including seven years at NVIDIA as vice president and general manager of its computing products business.

Rene is based in Cambridge, UK, but spends significant time in the major technology centers in the US and Asia Pacific. 

arm - leadership - dipesh patel
We’re creating solutions to securely connect and manage billions of new IoT devices.

Dipesh Patel

President, IoT Services Group

Dipesh is the President of IoT Services Group at Arm. Prior to this, he served as the EVP Incubation Businesses responsible for development of new businesses to create solutions to enable the Internet of Things. He was previously EVP Technical Operations, responsible for Arm's infrastructure used for IP development. Before this role he was general manager of the physical design group. Dipesh joined Arm in 1997 and has held senior management positions working primarily in System on Chip (SoC) related activities including vice president of Technology for physical IP and Director of Research.

arm - leadership - mike muller
What Arm and our partners are doing will lead to endless and amazing possibilities.

Mike Muller

Chief Technology Officer 

Mike Muller was one of the founders of Arm. Before joining the Group, he was responsible for hardware strategy and the development of portable products at Acorn Computers. He was previously at Orbis Computers. At Arm he was VP, Marketing from 1992 to 1996 and EVP, Business Development until October 2000 when he was appointed Chief Technology Officer. In October 2001, he was appointed to the Board.

arm - leadership - graham budd
We have created the world’s biggest technology ecosystem.

Graham Budd

Chief Operating Officer 

Graham Budd was appointed Chief Operating Officer in July 2008. Prior to this he was EVP and General Manager of the Processor Division from July 2005. He joined Arm in 1992 as a VLSI design engineer and led the development of several of Arm's early system-on-chip designs. Since then he has held a number of engineering, marketing and operations leadership roles. Graham has been a member of the Arm Executive Committee since 2005, and was appointed to the Board in 2017.

Arm is the catalyst for invention, creating new markets and transforming industries at scale.

Joyce Kim

Chief Marketing Officer

Joyce Kim is the Chief Marketing Officer at Arm. Joyce joins Arm after having led marketing for global brands such as Skype and Skype for Business at Microsoft.  Prior to Microsoft, Joyce led product partnerships and communications for Chromebooks and Google Hangouts at Google. Joyce’s marketing expertise spans multiple decades of serving as CMO and product management for numerous startup and mid-sized companies such as Wrike, Symmetricom, and Internap as well as multiple senior management roles at QRS and Deloitte Consulting.

arm - leadership - carolyn herzog
Arm’s intellectual property model sits at the core of a relentless and thriving innovation ecosystem.

Carolyn Herzog

EVP and General Counsel

Carolyn Herzog is EVP and General counsel at Arm. Carolyn joins Arm from Symantec where she served as the Chief Compliance Officer, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel  responsible for the Office of Ethics and Compliance, the Privacy Program Office, Litigation, Employment, Product Legal, Global Enterprise Go-to-Market, Americas Sales and Services and License Compliance.

Previously, Carolyn was the Vice President, Head of Legal and Public Affairs for Symantec’s Europe, Middle East and Africa region, based in the UK. Carolyn has served on the European Board of the Association of Corporate Counsel as well as the Board for the National Cyber Security Alliance, and prior to moving to the technology sector, Carolyn worked in the international development arena, both in the non-profit sector and with The World Bank in Washington, DC.

arm - leadership - kirsty gill
Arm is built on collaboration, with space for unique individuals to show their brilliance.

Kirsty Gill

EVP, People

Kirsty joined Arm in 2002 and has held various leadership roles in the People Team including Executive Remuneration, Rewards, Organizational Effectiveness, People Services and Systems. She is known for her achievements on developing programs that deliver high performance, high engagement and progressive organizations. At Arm she is focused on creating a workplace where people love to collaborate, growth is encouraged and innovation flourishes, all done in Arm’s own unique way. Prior to Arm, Kirsty was HR Director for a start-up company, GF-X, and started her HR career at Accenture.

arm - leadership - jason zajac
Our vision is technology that seamlessly enables opportunities for a smarter world.

Jason Zajac

EVP and Chief Strategy Officer

Jason Zajac joined Arm as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer in 2017. Prior to joining Arm, Jason was most recently EVP of Strategy at NBCUniversal. Jason was previously a Partner and Managing Director for the Boston Consulting Group, in the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications practice, and he has held multiple senior management roles at leading technology companies in Silicon Valley, including Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo!, and Palm.

arm - leadership - andy smith
We enable Arm’s people to do exceptional things.

Andy Smith

Chief Information Officer

Andy Smith joined Arm in 2014 as Chief Information Officer. Prior to this he spent 5 years as a Government CIO working for one of the agencies within Defence. Before that he worked for 20 years with BP in a variety of roles and locations around the world, the last 8 years of which were spent on a series of challenging CIO roles.

arm - leadership - allen wu
China will help drive the rate of innovation for the next wave of computing.

Allen Wu

EVP and President of Arm Greater China 

Allen Wu is responsible for Arm’s strategic planning, investments, and business operations in mainland China and Taiwan.

Under Allen’s leadership, a localized open innovation ecosystem has been established, resulting in centuple growth in both shipments among Arm’s Chinese partners and Arm’s China business over the past decade. Allen has led Arm’s strategic investments and joint venture initiatives in China, including establishment of HOPU-Arm Innovation Fund and the Arm Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator.

Allen serves on the Investment Committee of HOPU-Arm Innovation Fund, and the boards of Arm Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator, Green Computing Consortium, and China Semiconductor Association IC Design Branch.

He joined Arm in 2004, was appointed vice president of sales for China in 2007 and a member of the Arm Executive Committee since 2014. Prior to joining Arm, he held multiple management, marketing, sales and engineering roles in Silicon Valley.