Advanced Display Management Core

Assertive Display is an advanced display management core which delivers a high-quality viewing experience even in bright sunshine and enables dramatic reductions in display power consumption. It goes far beyond traditional back-light control to make the display adaptive to its environment, just like the human eye. The performance has to be witnessed to be fully appreciated.

As the viewing conditions change, sophisticated digital processing adjusts each pixel individually in real time. The adjustment is based on models of how the display and the human visual system respond to the displayed content and the viewing environment. Assertive Display takes control of both the screen brightness, and of the color of each individual pixel of each video frame, and adjusts these coherently providing total control of viewing experience from total darkness to bright sunshine.

Power Saving

Assertive Display ensures that multimedia content is always optimally adapted to the screen effective contrast ratio. This enables screen brightness to be reduced in conditions which would normally make such content unviewable. The result is that screen power overall can be reduced dramatically, typically by 50% or more, in real products and real use cases.

For portable devices, the display is the single largest consumer of battery power. For tablets, it represents over 50% of total power consumption at full screen brightness. Using Assertive Display is the single most significant step that can be taken to increase the battery life of a mobile device.


Outdoor Viewing

Of course you can’t expect to watch a movie on a smartphone or tablet outdoors. Right? Wrong!

Assertive Display dynamically adjusts content to ambient lighting conditions using state-of-the-art pixel processing algorithms. This means that the effective screen contrast ratio can remain around 1000:1, similar to an HDTV, even when the real screen contrast ratio is around 10:1, as it is for LCD and OLED displays in bright sunshine.

Assertive Display acts to maximize the quality of movies, photos and games under any viewing conditions using any display technology.



The Assertive Display module is a semiconductor IP core designed for easy integration into a wide variety of display pipelines. It operates independently, requiring only the input from a photosensor mounted on the device.

Key features:

  • Combined display power control and content adaptation
  • Real-time pixel-by-pixel correction via Iridix
  • Full hardware core requiring no CPU load and no system memory
  • Low power design
  • Silicon-proven at geometries down to 28nm
  • Suitable for all display types, including emissive and reflective/transflective
  • Calibration tools included

Assertive Display 5

  • HDR management
  • Gamut management
  • Ambient light adaptivity
  • Advanced power-saving features