Video Processing

Mali Video processors provide advanced video technology combined with power-efficiency and one of the smallest chip sizes in the market to offer creators of mass market mobile devices support for a wide range of video technologies. Designed to scale from 1080p60 on a single core to 4k120 on the full eight cores, all variations offer stunning HD visual quality to end users.


Benefits and features of the Mali-V61 include:

  • Flexible encode & decode of multiple streams
  • High quality HEVC & VP9 encode
  • Scalable across device tiers


Benefits and features of the Mali-V550 include:

  • 10-bit HEVC decode
  • HEVC encode
  • Motion elimination


Benefits and features of the Mali-V500 include: 

  • Scalable to 4K120 encode/decode
  • Arm Frame Buffer Compression (AFBC)
  • Arm TrustZone technology enabled