Tamper-Resistant Processors

Optimized for security applications

The Arm SecurCore processor family provides powerful 32-bit secure solutions based upon industry leading Arm architecture. By enhancing highly successful Arm processors with security features, SecurCore provides smart card and secure IC developers easy access to the benefits of Arm 32-bit technology such as small die size, energy efficiency, low cost, excellent code density and outstanding performance. SecurCore processors, used in a wide range of security applications, outperform legacy 8-bit or 16-bit secure processors.

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High performance smartcard and embedded security applications

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Highest volume smartcard and embedded security applications.

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SecurCore characteristics

Arm SecurCore processors are designed primarily for tamper-resistant smart cards and incorporate several security features that make SecurCore an ideal choice for such applications. Further details on the SecurCore security features are available under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) from Arm.

Arm SecurCore are built upon the Arm Cortex-M series. They benefit from wide tools support, including full support from RealView Microcontroller Development Kit (the Keil uVision environment), the most popular smart card development tool chain in the industry.

SecurCore applications

SecurCore is shaping the future of smart cards and it is successfully adopted in many applications: 

  • Advanced payment systems
  • Electronic ticketing
  • Transportation
  • Electronic passports
  • SIM
  • Smart cards

Industry Standards

SecurCore is the industry standard architecture of choice for smart cards.

“G+D welcomes […] an open architecture business model in cost-sensitive, high-volume applications, which I am keen to see repeated in the SIM through silicon manufacturers focusing their support on Arm technology-based designs.”

- Oliver Richter, VP Telecommunications, Giesecke & Devrient

"We are looking forward to integrating the Arm SecurCore SC300 […], as NXP believes it will emerge as an industry standard for 32bit smart card technology,”

- Henri Ardevol, GM Smart Cards, NXP

“ST will address tomorrow's application demands by combining high performance and low power 32bit processing with the most advanced embedded Flash technology."

- STMicroelectronics

“Samsung expects to deliver more exciting products to market [that] are designed to significantly reduce time to market for our customers in introducing new smart card applications” 

- Dr. ChilHee Chung, Senior VP, Samsung